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“Sol Luckman’s strikingly inspired art shines proudly on the covers of all three of my books published by Inner Traditions (SHAMANIC TRANSFORMATIONS, THE GIFT OF SHAMANISM, SHAMANIC HEALING). His evocative images, bright unapologetic colors and natural flowing forms complement my writings beautifully and open readers to the primeval mystery of the ageless shamanism.”—Izthak Beery, Publisher,

Recent Work

Click on the image to view a larger version and purchase prints and merchandise. Originals can be purchased by contacting Sol.

John F. Kennedy

Colorful Saint Augustine
Mahatma Gandhi

Kurt Cobain
Frida Kahlo

Orange Crush

About the Art

Original works on canvas feature either lightfast, waterproof ink or a one-of-a-kind application of lightfast, waterproof ink mixed with a permanent absorbent ground medium. This unique technique combines elements of oil painting and acrylic painting, while producing striking new effects. Original works on paper use acrylic and/or lightfast, waterproof ink, sometimes mixed with a permanent absorbent ground medium, on acid-free watercolor paper or Yupo synthetic paper. Original works on panel feature acrylic, sometimes mixed with ink, on wood prepared with a gesso substrate. Unless otherwise indicated, original works are shipped unframed. Canvases and panels can be hung framed or unframed. Prices on originals include shipping, handling, and insurance. Please allow for slight color and contrast variations when purchasing artwork online. Sales are nonrefundable.

To purchase original paintings contact Sol.

Prints, Cards, iPhone Cases, Posters, T-shirts & More

Greeting cards, merchandise and professional fine art prints of Sols work featuring an array of size, surface and framing options are available with a money-back guarantee here. Cell phone cases for iPhone and Galaxy and other products are available here. Posters, stickers, journals, throw pillows, tote bags, mugs, duvet covers, T-shirts, beach towels, yoga mats, puzzles, and more can be purchased here. You can also explore image licensing options here.

Commissioned Portraits

Individual, couples, family, pets and other types of portraits are available by commission. To learn more contact Sol.

More Recent Work

Click on the image to view a larger version and purchase prints and merchandise. Originals can be purchased by contacting Sol.

Medium Roast

Aldous Harding
Anthony Bourdain

Strictly Ballroom
Between Fronds

Wake Up

Artist’s Statement

AsAlter Ego a novelist, satirist and nonfiction writer, that I was originally drawn to paint with ink—of all possible media—strikes me as poetically fitting. And as I am when composing words, in my paintings I’m committed to exploring and depicting energy—specifically, that engrossing spiral of universal creative energy that is consciousness.

To summarize my artistic “vision,” I see the world, and paint it, with a shaman’s eyes. I view reality as a place not wholly solid, a realm informed by a kinetic vibrancy that’s fundamentally intelligent.

It’s my intention that you, too, will glimpse this universe of conscious energy in my paintings—as objects condition space with their essence, and vice versa, and the outside conflates with the inside because All Is One.

I’ve been gratified to see my “shamanic” approach to painting validated by having three of my works featured on the covers of Itzhak Beery’s bestselling books on the subject, THE GIFT OF SHAMANISM, SHAMANIC TRANSFORMATIONS, and SHAMANIC HEALING.

I also invite you to check out my visionary painting DREAMCATCHER in the background of the cover to my award-winning shamanic novel, SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING.

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