Fallen Goddess Scenario

The Most Important Story Never Told

Learn about the single most censored story in the history of the human race—and why it matters today.

CALI THE DESTROYER shows us our possible future if we allow evil to continue and overcome us. This ‘faction’-filled book illuminates from the first chapter. Cali’s reality blurs with our own and gives us the vision and hope that, collectively, we have the power to create a beautiful world. Sol Luckman has more than a few messages to share where the healing of one’s self is just the start. I think this book has huge potential.” —Sean Maguire, Author, OUT OF THE BAG

I’m writing to share my perspective on what I believe could potentially come to be regarded as a historically significant novel.

I say this not because I wrote CALI THE DESTROYER (which I did), but because it highlights a little-known yet critically important fact …

The novel’s primary subject involves the single most censored story in the history of the human race.

That story is the Gnostic telling of the true nature and origins of the earth and humanity. According to scholar and author John Lamb Lash, who first retold the story in the modern era, this empowering, world-altering narrative was the real reason for the holy wars and inquisitions against Goddess-worshiping peoples everywhere that resulted in a genocide count of millions of souls over the centuries.

More importantly, the story seems to be the real reason genocide, the vaccine-assisted kind, is still in full swing today with Operation WarpED Speed (a historical black eye on our civilization my novel addresses directly).

The story is a rabbit hole full of rabbit holes—and it points the finger directly at the source of evil as we experience it: the proverbial puppet masters manipulating the strings of religions, monarchies, governments, corporations and armies to coordinate a multi-generational inhuman agenda to subjugate and eventually destroy humanity.

Today the terms “Deep State,” “Cabal,” “New World Order” and “Illuminati” are employed, rather loosely and interchangeably, to denominate our would-be controllers.

But to the ancient Gnostics—whose teachings were so threatening to the Catholic Church (and presumably true for that very reason) they were systematically destroyed until they were effectively erased from the collective memory—the ultimate Powers That Be behind these terrestrial tyrants have a specific name: Archons.

Some scholars, unable to contemplate the disturbing implications of the Gnostics’ teachings, have suggested this term referred to humanity’s worldly enemies. In other words: our so-called leaders who, seemingly impossibly (unless their actions were coordinated by a hidden hand connected to a single undying brain) have led the planet’s population steadily down the road to self-annihilation through transhumanist assimilation into a Borg-like hive mind.

But in his groundbreaking reinterpretation of the Gnostic texts, Lash leaves little room for doubt that by “Archons” the Gnostics meant an extraterrestrial race of virtually immortal thought parasites who over the centuries have controlled our leaders, their terrestrial proxies, through a form of mind control operating through reality simulation.

The ultimate target of the Archons, so it would seem, is not so much humanity as the earth itself, which by any logical interpretation of the Gnostic writings is a divine being called an “Aeon” known as Sophia and not a typical planet at all.

We’re literally talking about Mother Earth, the Fallen Goddess demonized by Catholicism in fallen women from Eve to Mary Magdalene out of a twisted desire to separate the Archontically hypnotized masses from their power source in the Divine Feminine.

My contribution in CALI THE DESTROYER has been to take Lash’s academic exposition of the Fallen Goddess Scenario and recast it as a fast-paced work of fiction capable of both entertaining and informing.


The novel’s epigraph is taken from one of the foundational Gnostic texts known as ON THE ORIGIN OF THE WORLD. In this quote, which seems a perfect description of the current historical moment in which nothing is real and everything is lies on this prison planet, Sophia gives the following prophecy to the Lord Archon, who thinks he’s God but is actually just an overweening, sightless windbag with little actual power beyond his ability to trick the human mind into believing his enslaving fabrications:

“You are mistaken, blind one. There is an immortal Child of Light who came into this realm before you and who will appear among your duplicate forms, in your simulated world … And in the consummation of all your works, their entire deficiency of truth will be revealed and dissolved by this Luminous Child.”

Please share news about CALI THE DESTOYER far and wide so that more people can reconnect with reality, identify and overcome our real oppressors, and assert our Goddess-given sovereignty, our true potential as Sophia’s Luminous Children in whom no darkness, terrestrial or otherwise, can hold sway.

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